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Published On August 23, 2017 | By agung | Herb Planter

How to have free herb planters. Nothing is more joyful in your backyard gardener a cute, but nothing is more frustrating than a garden full of weeds. Believe it or not, you can have a nice and free herb gardener. Only it requires some preparation, planning and a little work to the old.

Best Wall Herb Planter

Best Wall Herb Planter

Plan your herb planters. Herbs need sun, water and nutrition to grow. Design your gardener to use all the space and increase the competition for water and light. If the light does not reach the surface of the earth, weeds can not grow in the same way. Use taller plants in the center of the planter and other shorter edges.

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Prepare the herb planters to be planted. Whether you’re preparing a new gardener or replanting an old, you need to prepare the ground. You can prepare kill existing weeds and separating the ground with a rake or by hand. Removes all existing weeds. After removing the ground you can use a post-emergence herbicide such as Roundup to kill weeds. Spray entire area, including where you will place the edge with a strong kill weeds. Read the label before using any chemicals in your planter. Pay attention to safety precautions and follow the instructions.

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