Rectangle Planter Ideas

Published On August 26, 2017 | By Nissa | Boxes Planter

Rectangle planter – A container creates a tough edge that doubles as a retaining wall. The installation of a planter gently sloping level provides the option of a permanent border. Fill the pot with flowers, small shrubs or foliage plants. Place the planter at the bottom of the slope, creating an attractive terrace which has the slope instead. The slope requires leveling planter where the walls are built. It accomplishes this by excavating the soil around the perimeter of the site of the pot. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the trench is level on all sides.

Beauty rectangle planter

Beauty rectangle planter

Build a rectangle planter with the dimensions of the trench. Box beam high enough so that the side slope of the sine of 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) above the soil surface. Connect the corners with wood screws.

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Fill the pot with soil quality after completion. Stone potting wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure masonry. Add soil to 3 inches (7 cm) from the top of the pot. Plant desired plants inside the rectangle planter. Add a layer of 2 inches (5 cm) of bark mulch or wood to provide a clean look for the planter and to avoid grass and weeds blow from the uphill and not grow into the pot.


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