Zen Gardens That Relax You

Published On August 18, 2017 | By Ella | Garden Design

Zen gardens are part of the ideology of Buddhism, and expanded level worldwide as a means to relax and inspire the act of meditation and contemplation. The garden is a philosophical expression of the universe that allows the mind to contemplate its forms, colors, textures and sensations to meditate. A garden dry, as it is also known, is represented by natural elements such as sand and rocks. One of its main features is that it requires the use of water, as this is represented by patterns created in the sand or gravel.

Description Zen Gardens

Description Zen Gardens

Since you have decided the location for Zen gardens, you must create a way to contain the elements. Through a wooden box or if a very large space, place a surface that will retain access to your grass elements. Once you have created the container, make sure it is properly secured and that the fabrics or plastics put to separate the grass to grow under the sand are secure.

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Now you must fill the surface with sand or gravel, which symbolize the element of water. The way the elements are represented manifest different concepts for Zen gardens. The sand in the form of flow, long and rough sea wave’s manifest and straight lines represent calm waters.

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